Marion Eckert-Krause

Marion Eckert-Krause

University of Principality of Liechtenstein, Austria


Marion Eckert-Krause is a Specialist in Metabolic Diseases. After training as a Practice Nurse and Gardener, she studied Biology and Waste Management, and then worked for several years in Field Sales before moving to Internal Sales via Key Account Management. She spent nearly 10 years in Sales Operations before earning a Doctorate in Medicine. Since then, she has worked in Quality Management and began with PCOS research. She developed the DEBEC-Method® and ran several case studies with menopausal/postmenopausal women including PCOS-diagnosed patients. Since 2012, she is actively joining congresses in USA, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Her institute, Fachinstitut für Stoffwechsel und Gesundheit—“FISGES” was founded in 2014 to take care of the PCOS-patients’ needs with a focus on defined study. Since 2017, she is a Lecturer at the Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL). Since 2018, DEBEC-Method® is registered with number 295512 at the Austrian Patent and Trademark Office.




One of the main health risk factors is overweight/obesity and this is one player in all multifactorial metabolic-endocrinology disorders of PCOS. Gaps exist in diagnostic, treatment and prevention. A major role in management of PCOS plays a healthy lifestyle—also to be seen a key for prevention. Assisted by well-balanced diet, regular exercises and based on factual diagnostic as well as balancing and coaching health risk factors which probably enable PCOS, it could be treated and used for prevention. DEBEC-Systematic with its related method is a new approach in health coaching for chronic metabolic diseases to support patients helping themselves. DEBEC delivers the following modules: diagnostic, eating, balance, exercise, and coaching.

Method: DEBEC-Method ™ was used to manage diagnosed PCOS within a case study. The method was also tested in overweight female and male patients. To know about prevention measures, a short inquiry was done using PubMed, with the keywords “PCOS and prevention”.

Result: The case studies with a PCOS-diagnosed and an overweight patient were conducted to show how an individual based therapy with defined modules (DEBEC-Method ™ derived from DEBEC-System) can be successfully related to health risk reduction and be suitable for daily use. Prevention measures for PCOS are not existent but some articles to prevent other comorbidities.

Conclusion: Therapy with defined modules (DEBEC) is a sustainable and successful method within overweight/obesity related diseases. Suitable for daily use, the trained patient is enabled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This patient orientated approach could be the key for prevention measure. Overweight and obesity with signs of insulin resistance and lipid metabolism should alert the medical fraternity. Because of a rather poor study situation, there is need for action. Long-term studies are recommended including body fat distribution in young girls.