PCOS in Adolescents

PCOS is one of the common endocrine disorders in women. However it is underdiagnosed in adolescent patients.it is underdiagnosed because of lack of consensus associated with cardio metabolic risk Adolescents at high risk for developing the syndrome are congenital virilisation, low birth weight, precocious puberty, , obesity syndromes, insulin-resistant features, and girls born to parents with PCOS, central obesity, or diabetes in whom PCOS ought to be suspected when associated with irregular menses.in adolescents the common clinical feature of PCOS  include menstrual irregularity  and excess androgen  secretion.

Neurologic and psychiatric disorders occur commonly in adolescents. Epilepsy, migraines, and bipolar disorder are typically disorders that require chronic medication to treat symptoms and prevent recurrence of episodes. However, adolescents with PCOS do not seem to have an increased risk of fatty liver over the general adolescent population

  • Emotional teens
  • Psychiatric risks
  • Treatment challenges
  • Fatty liver