PCOS & Ayurveda

The ovarian cycle is governed by a hormonal feedback system moderated by the hypothalamus thus it requires constant feedback of hormonal for it to properly regulate the release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), lutenizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary gland. The hormonal feedback that the hypothalamus is receiving is due to high levels of oestrogen that has been formed from free androgens in the peripheral tissue. Ayurveda suggests that this is vata type disorder (Apan vayu) though the involvement of other dosha can be there but in some measure because the gynaecological disorder are mainly supposed to be due to vitiation of vata.Pcos Is A Disorder Involving Pitta, Kapha, Medas, Ambhuvahasrotas & Artava Dhatu .The causes of PCOS as per ayurveda can be taken as eating excessive sweet and kaphagenic foods, mandagni because of this is kapha getting aggrevated in PCOS, we find kapha disorder. As well as pitta and vata dosha disorder. Because of all three doshas play important & distinctive role in the production, development, maturation & release of ovum & therefore the ovarian cycle & menstrual cycle is under control of three doshas .